Volunteer Program

The Blanton is now accepting applications for volunteers. Requirements for volunteering at the Blanton are based on customer service principles and designed to create a welcoming atmosphere at the museum.

All Blanton volunteers are:

• 18 years of age or older.
• Interested to help visitors and assist museum Visitor Services staff as needed.
• Willing to answer questions or solve visitor problems in a friendly and engaging manner.
• Accustomed to learning from and working with people of all types and opinions.
• Able to keep an open and accessible attitude towards museum visitors.
• In Austin on a regular basis and have 3 hours per week to support the museum.
• Free to complete Initial volunteer training within 2 months of the application date.
• Committed to volunteering once a week or every other week for a year.
• Trained at monthly sessions held on Sunday afternoons or Monday evenings.

Volunteers help in a variety of invaluable ways–especially at our visitor services information desk and during B scene, the Blanton’s art parties. A list of volunteer positions include:

  • Visitor Services Assistant
  • Gallery Monitor
  • Information Desk
  • Special Events
  • Assisting with family activities
  • Membership Sales
  • Group Volunteers
  • Graphic Design

The Blanton welcomes UT students as well as those from any university campus, and members of the greater Austin community who are cheerful, kind, helpful, empathetic, patient, service–oriented, and want to spend time in an arts-loving community. Volunteers meet other arts-interested adults and enjoy being at the museum for events and tours.

For further information about the Blanton’s volunteer program or assistance applying to be a volunteer, please contact Martha Thomas, Manager of Visitor and Volunteer Services, at (512) 232–1988 or