The Latest at the Blanton

Jennifer Garner, Manager of School and Family Programs, explains why The Blanton makes the perfect setting for holiday family fun… During the holidays we are so often bombarded by messages telling us what the season should be about—shopping for gifts, decorating (and cleaning) the house,cooking the perfect holiday dinner, and writing cards to every friend…


In this day and age, protecting art is a complicated matter. Chris Seebach, Director of Facility Operation and Security, along with The Blanton’s Gallery Assistants, explain the ins and outs of museum security, and how this line of work offers more than one would imagine.. We’ve been to Paris, and you can’t touch art there…


Richard Havens, Manager of Special Projects for the Director’s Office, takes a look back at the (incredible) last eight years in the life of The Blanton… When I started work at The Blanton, the Michener Gallery Building was still a hole in the ground. Any construction setback sent paroxysms of teeth gnashing among the staff—and…


Our last post provided a glimpse into the life of The Blanton’s installation crew, highlighting our preparation for the El Anatsui exhibition. In part two of our “behind the scenes” look at this show, we share a video by Blanton staffer Mary Myers, featuring footage of the artist himself. Enjoy!