The Latest at the Blanton

blanton museum shop interior - shelves, tables and windows full of colorful merchandise

A trip to the Blanton is incomplete without a visit to our popular Museum Shop, filled with gift shop treasures to delight art fans of all ages. While our doors are still closed, we asked our Store Manager and Buyer Justin O’Connor to share some of her favorite gift items so you can still shop…


Screenshot from the Nintendo video game Animal Crossing New Horizons. A character shows off three pieces of art on display outside in the virtual game world. The pieces of art are virtual recreations of real life paintings. The paintings are; Simon Vouet's St. Cecilia, Fernando Botero's Santa Rosa de Lima según Vásquez and Paolo Veronese, Head of Saint Michael.

Imagine escaping to an island where you create your own paradise, where natural resources can become crafted into everyday tools, and friendly locals in the form of cute animals assist you in establishing your new life. You can even share your new found community with friends and family, perhaps even celebrities that you might not…


A woman teaches a group in an outdoor rural setting. We see horses and farmers working in the background

Every April 2nd, on or around the birthday of Hans Christian Anderson, celebrations take place around the world to recognize the important and essential role that books play in our children’s lives. Many of us can look back on our childhoods with fond memories of story time with a parent or caregiver, listening intently to…


In a color lithograph depicting a birthday party, family and friends gather in a circle around a girl trying to hit a fish-shaped piñata

In a global environment adapting to the challenges presented by the Coronavirus (COVID-19), the Blanton stands in solidarity with her sister museums around the world. Together we recognize that art can offer a space for reflection and respite, but in these precarious times, we are strongest together by staying apart. Now is the time to…