Blanton Leadership Board

The Blanton National Leadership Board is a prestigious volunteer group comprised of University of Texas at Austin alumni and friends who are leaders in the arts, business, and philanthropy. The Board is a university priority aimed at helping to position UT and Austin as a center for world-class art and education. The group is instrumental in maintaining the Blanton’s commitment to excellence and in continuing to build the museum’s profile on a national and international level.

Janet Allen, Chair | Austin, Texas


Janet and Wilson Allen, Chair | Austin, Texas
Leslie and Jack Blanton, Jr. | Houston, Texas
Suzanne Deal Booth | Austin, Texas
Sarah and Ernest Butler | Austin, Texas
Michael Chesser | Austin, Texas
Alessandra Manning-Dolnier and Kurt Dolnier | Watertown, Connecticut
Tamara and Charles Dorrance |Austin, Texas
Sally and Tom Dunning | Dallas, Texas
Dolores García and Gilberto Cárdenas | Austin, TX
Stephanie and David Goodman | Austin, Texas
Anthony Grant | Rye, New York
Caroline and Brian Haley | Austin, Texas
Shannon and Mark Hart | Fort Worth, Texas
Eric Herschmann | Austin, Texas and New York, New York
Stacy and Joel Hock | Austin, Texas
Sonja and Joe Holt | Austin, Texas
Kenny and Susie Jastrow | Austin, Texas
Marilyn Johnson | Austin, Texas
Choongja (Maria) and Stephen Kahng | Austin, Texas
Peter Kahng | New York, New York
Jeanne and Michael Klein | Austin, Texas
Cornelia and Meredith Long | Houston, Texas
Clayton and Andrew Maebius | Austin, Texas
Margaret McCarthy and Michael Potter | Austin, Texas
Suzanne McFayden | Austin, Texas
Fredericka and David Middleton | Austin, Texas
Donald Moffett | New York, New York
Elle Moody | New York, New York
Lora Reynolds and Quincy Lee | Austin, Texas
Richard Shiff | Austin, Texas
Eliza and Stuart W. Stedman | Houston, Texas
Judy and Charles Tate | Houston, Texas
Marilynn and Carl Thoma | Chicago, Illinois
Bridget and Patrick Wade | Houston, Texas
Jimmy and Jessica Younger | Houston, Texas